Making makes the maker

Is. Do. Be. These three words express a mantra for living authentically and with purpose. “Is” reflects where and who we are now, the starting point for any and all work we may engage in. “Do” denotes action by which we and our surroundings are transformed from one moment to the next. “Be” marks the endpoint of the transformation that began with “is”, what we have come to “be”. By living the cycle expressed by this mantra, each of us may find our “why” by discovering and realizing our own most authentic possibilities.

The way into this cycle is through craft, that is, making things. By practicing a craft, not only do we make things, but also ourselves. The act of creation shapes the creator as much as the created. The maker “is” by “do"ing his or her craft, and so comes to “be”. Making at once reveals, realizes, and creates the genuine possibilities of the maker. It is thus no coincidence that “is” and “be” are two forms of the same word: our starting point, our “is”, picks up from what we’ve come to “be” by previous “do”-ing.

All well and good, but rather abstract. That is where this site comes in: to concretely show the being and becoming of one individual through the practice of craft. In my case, this is drawing, though yours may be entirely different, be it magic, music, or masonry. Since each individual’s possibilities are theirs and theirs alone, the process will be different for each of us. The function of this site is to show one way, that others may learn from it and reflect upon their own. By observing the ways of others, we may come to be more in accord with our own.

In this spirit, I invite you to check out the blog for the latest lessons and insights from my own creative practice.